Have you been to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico lately?

Mexico is magical in all senses. So, if you haven’t yet visited Puerto Vallarta, you’re truly missing out. It’s no wonder more Canadian travel to that destination than any other in the world.

Besides the great weather and amazing food, the people are wonderful hosts who never hesitate to go above and beyond. During our time there, we stayed at the beautiful Westin Resort, but mostly ventured around the sea walk and the Marina trying out local restaurants and taking in the peaceful and serene time that is time by the ocean.

Beautiful luxury developments have given it a Miami like flair, and the geography is so much like Vancouver. But it is the quaint and quiet spaces that make this place a true gem. And of course, all the free Tequila along the way!

Whether you enjoy sitting on the beach catching some rays, being in the jungle looking out into the giant Pacific Ocean or simply enjoying some delicious local food, Puerto Vallarta has it all.

We’d love to thank our friends at Mexi-Can Holidays for organizing our travel and accommodating our strange schedule. As well as the Westin Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta and stay tuned for more of our Magical Mexico series.